Confessions of a yo-yo dieter

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Yes, I’m back dieting again. A mixture of Dukan, Atkins etc. I am waiting for my copy of the Fast Diet, which deals with eating normally for five days a week and then dropping to 500 cals for two non-consecutive days a week. I’m thinking Monday and Thursday. Chicken broth and melba toasts, easy.

All that being said, I started on Monday and the first few days have gone swimmingly as usual, with a loss of a pound a day, but today is my second day with no loss. However, I have been going over my calories (although not my carbs) and my body has decided, the week I start my diet again and need all the motivation I can get, I get the curse, for the first time in about two years. Yay. So hopefully my weight loss will start up again once the curse has lifted. Sigh. Grand being a woman, isn’t it?


Right. If I’m going to do this blog I’m going to do it properly.  So I’ve removed all the posts from last year and I’m starting from scratch. No holds barred.

This is a picture of me three days ago, on New Year’s Day. I’ve given myself 12 months to give myself a proper makeover.  I won’t post up any further pictures until the 12 months is over – call it a reveal of sorts.  But I will be chronicling my efforts on here.